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B2B Lead GenerationThank you for watching this short 15 minute B2B Lead Generation introduction video we prepared for you. Due to the response and questions of our lead generation services, we decided to do a short walk-through of what it is we are doing, how we do it, and how it actually produces leads, and ultimately sales, for our clients.

Our process is well thought out and eliminates the need for us to do any type of SEO on the clients websites potentially causing negative repercussions or penalties from Google and other search providers.

Exclusive Contractor Leads

We are a contractor lead generation company. We decided to only serve contractors to try and eliminate the often negative experiences most contractors have with providers like Thumbtack, Home Advisor, Homewyse and others who sell their leads to 3-4 contractors at one time.

We believe selling the same home owner lead to multiple contractors is unethical and not a best practice. It can, and often does, results in lower quality work and craftsmanship due to “cutting corners” to stay competitive.

With those type of leads, contractors must dive to the bottom of the bid to win, and the home owner ends up with low quality materials.

B2B Leads for Portland

Although we have mastered the construction niche and have become experts in this niche, we can, and sometimes do allow working with other types of businesses. We serve anyone in the USA as well, not just Portland Oregon

Our process is streamlined and works for any type of business. We have several partners that are proficient in their respective niches we can hire to tend to your needs if interested. Feel free to inquire with a simple phone call.

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