How to add a Call To Action overlay FREE in YouTube. More Info Link > Here

Why add a CTA (Call To Action) Overlay you may ask???

Call To Action Overlay TrainingWell, the most important part is CTR (click-through-rate). Without a decent click through rate, you can kiss your video marketing efforts goodbye!

A well placed and enticing “Call To Action” (CTA) that pops up unexpectedly, and subtly, will catch the users eye (the goal) and cause them to be distracted, just for a moment (it’s called pattern interrupt).

This interrupt, although seemingly inconsequential, is a very powerful force you can leverage to achieve the end goal i.e. a Click Through.

It not only achieves the overall goal of getting a click to your website, but will eventually increase user interaction on the video itself.

Thus, it will also help increase video rankings. A Double Whammy!

The second most important thing is that it’s a loophole.

It is through Google Adwords – For Running YouTube Ads feature. Normally used as a YouTube paid ad campaign.

So, this work around gives you FREE access to an otherwise paid service. And Google has allowed it, but for how long, is anyone’s guess.

Suffice it to say, that if you are NOT using this strategy for your video marketing efforts, you are leaving a whole lot of revenue on the table.

So, there you have it folks. The free call to action sneaky trick to increase click through rate on you video, that:

  1. Helps the video rank, and:
  2. Sends people to your website.


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