PA DA Pumping Case study… Start Date 9-17-14 – End date 10-20-14 or so.

Link to the training:

Domains used in case study
1. – should have been – “doodle-video” LOL – amateur mistake

Fiverr gig for PA DA Pumping. Watch the video if you want to see the exact gig.
Any scrapebox blast will work!

How to improve domain authority, domain authority and page authority training


It has been determined, based on two different case studies spanning a time period of approximately one month, or so, with two different websites, that the following observations have been made:

1. On average, the PA and DA of the website increased by a minimum of 50% and over 400 percent on the DMG Inner Page – video-doodle.

2. On average, the link split between do-follow and no-follow links is approximately 0.040 percent for do-follow links, the rest are no follow…

3. The actual anchor text required to make this work is ‘brand’ specific and or naked URL anchor text backlinks.

4. The DMG page showed the greatest increase as it had a lower PA DA overall.

5. You can use different variations of the ‘brand’ name and your rankings for the brand will increase. – tested on SGC site

6. PA DA will increase every time MOZ updates its system, until link loss is experienced, then metrics will slowly slide backwards, unless other campaigns are launched after initial campaign is complete. PA DA has increased 3 times since starting the case study on the DMG page.

7. As of today 11/29/2015, PA DA on SGC remained pretty consistent without much loss in metrics, whereas DMG experienced more loss as a result of a URL mistake and sending links to a non existent URL, however, initially, PA DA did increase, regardless of the mistake.

8. SGC did not loose it’s metrics by much, as other campaigns were built following this initial test. DMG has had not other links built to that internal page.

As it is well documented all over the web, sending spam to any domain can have severe consequences when done consistently over a long duration. However…
There is always a however isn’t there? This test was conducted to dispel the many myths that are prevalent across the internet “and to see for myself what would happen” .. i.e. ALL spam is voodoo. They say it’s not to be trusted at ALL !!! – That may be true to an extent, but:

I beg to differ, and “I strenuously object” – A Few Good Men.

Saying that ALL spam is “not good” is way to BIG of a blanket statement. As I have proven and layed out here, proof that this works, even when a mistake is made
and links are sent to a wrong URL ! It still accomplished the goal of increasing DA PA regardless of the mistake. I imagine editing the URL and using a a simple 301 redirect to the new sub-page would bring the DA back up.

An important take away from this is: As long as the links sent have the root of the domain name spelled correctly, the tactic will be effective. But I wouldn’t do this as
a normal practice, as it will, in time, loose its effectiveness and DA PA will drop. I have corrected the misspelled domain and am waiting to see if it helps.

How to increase PA DA on your website. PA DA Pumping Case Study. How to improve domain authoritydomain authority and page authority training

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